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After receiving Amma's Divine blessing in 2002, I began my body, mind,spirit healing journey of an immune disorder. A few years ago, during a yearly visit with Amma in Washington, D.C., I received Radiance Healing from Devananda, Pujitha's husband, experiencing the deep calming, soothing and relaxing energy, particularly physically and emotionally for me. I chose to receive long-distance Radiance Healing for the rest of the year to support my healing, and have continued to do so these last few years. I am so grateful and appreciative for Devananda and, now, the blessed healing through Pujitha, who travels with Amma on her North America tour.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Aum Amriteshwaryai namah,

I take this opportunity to send my Gratitude to Pujita and her Team for her precious help in getting us to the Self. 

Love and Friendship.

In Amma


Dear Radiance Healing team,

It has been a year and a half that I have registered for distance radiance healing.
Since that time I have been either in the asrham or on tour with Amma and regularly doing my sadhana.

Something would happen around 11 or 12 or 1 p.m. very often. I would feel tired, then If I wouldn t stop doing seva, I would get a headache. So since a few months I stop and I feel a lot of Energy is being processed in my body. I thought that it was the energy from the morning Sadhana that needed time to go to the body. It is possible, but I got the strong intuition that it is mostly the radiance Energy that I receive.

It would wait (in the astral world or somewhere) until I stop  my activity and stay still then it is being processed and integrated. It takes maybe 10 to 20 minutes.

So My sincere Gratitude for your Love and your healing energy. It is very supportive in this narrow path to enlightenment.
Love and Light,

Dear Pujitha,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for this wonderful moment I spent during the healing session. As soon as you came in the room and closed my eyes, I felt that you took my hand like a caring mother and brought me to this beautiful place…

I don’t know if it was you or my inner mother that came but it doesn’t matter. This connection that I felt with you was the strongest, gentlest and loving sensation I have felt for a very long time. And still now, a part of it is still with me. It is strange, I have been meditating a lot so that I can stay with it but now I feel melancholic about it. In fact, the atmosphere in the room brought me back to different moments of my childhood when I was still much more connected to this energy. During the session I really felt that I was home, with my mother or a part of my deepest essence…

I was crying a lot during the session because I realized that, as a boy, I did not know what this state of being or energy was; and so I forgot about is. I also realized that this is what I was looking for, now, everywhere, all the time, so passionately… And there it was, so clearly with you in this moment. I was crying also because I felt like this energy was telling me that I was coming from there but also that. I chose to come to earth even if it was difficult because that is what inspires me so much to share this love and help others down here.

It even came to me in my room later that maybe I would use this love in me to heal others in the future (even if my rational mind doubts about it). Although now, I feel like I have to move on and try not to stay too attached to this energy. In fact, it is a little painful (as well as peaceful) to stay with this connection at the same time (this is what I meant about the melancholic feeling also).

During the last days I have been thinking a lot about this session and I feel like asking you so many things, but at the same time there is no particular question coming… I just felt so strongly that I had to communicate with you… Maybe you would like to react to what I wrote.

Please respond only if you feel like it!
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this place of peace, beauty, freedom, and love where you brought me.
With love,

I was in several Radiance Healing sessions (as many as I could get!) with Pujitha during the Boston Amma Retreat. I also signed up for distance healing during the past year. During the previous year, I went through a great deal of spiritual transformation and I feel like the Radiance distance healing significantly contributed to that. For example, I was having a lot of trouble working with my team at work - but then I learned to focus on the peace within myself and my working relationships greatly improved. Likewise, my relationship with my teenage daughters improved, as well. I also cleaned up a lot of clutter psychology, emotionally and physically. I feel like the energy from the distance Radiance Healing helped a lot.

Hi Pujitha,

My wife and I would like to thank you for all of the love and light you've bestowed upon us, we are extremely grateful of our healing experiences in Amritapuri and New York this past year. Also, thank you for joining in our wedding ceremony with Amma, it was all so memorable. We've attached a picture of us. And here's a description of our healing experiences:

Pujitha's healing session helped open my mind, body and soul up to a higher form of consciousness. At the beginning of our session, I had asked to open up my heart and third eye chakras. The healing was immensely powerful with a lot of soothing white light and body energy sensations. I also had my first visual meditation experience at the healing session. A finger was placed on my third eye, the eyelid was gently lifted up and my third eye vision became clear. This was one of the most spiritually enlightening occurrences I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Pujitha to all seekers of energy healing.

I had my first Radiance Healing Session with Pujitha at Amritapuri last September. Diagnosed at the age of 5, I had been living with Asthma for the majority of my life. A few months prior to my travels to Amma's Ashram I had changed my lifestyle to see if I could find alternative healing for my Asthma. Fitting to my search for alternative healing, I was introduced to Pujitha. I had told Pujitha that I had Asthma and I was eager to one day be able to breath on my own. During Pujitha's Radiant Healing Session I was meditatively brought back to the happiness I experienced as a young girl. There was a white light, brighter and purer then any I have ever seen before, that entered the room and my body. I began shedding tears of old pain that I had been carrying around with me for many years. I left the healing session in a trance of pure love and appreciation for the life I was living. That night, and many nights to follow, as I felt tightness in my chest, I would bring myself back to Pujitha's white light and in meditation I could feel her sending me that same white light though my chest and into my whole body. I would bring myself back to that playful child that I had remembered in the presence of Pujitha. Today I have learned to support myself though my own breath, and my Asthma is a quiet memory of the past.

Om Namah Shivaya,

I started the session, I closed my eyes and felt her physical presence, even if I did not see! I knew when she moved because I felt her close to me! suddenly I saw a bright light in the feet and the intense heat muladara chakras and my physical problems that when they were just there! Then I felt a punch to the heart and I have many emotional blocks that depend on the energy. Very sensitive, it turned into colored light and I saw her across the room even if your eyes were felt closed. It felt as if I had no more feet and floated in the air I was no more solid that air! I knew I was sitting but I could not feel any contact with the earth! Suddenly I began to see these transformations: an eagle, dolphin, baby, butterfly, samurai, cherry tree, flowers, wind, lotus, sun, etc. ... petals ... I was turned .... but my body did not stand still. Everything was constantly moving and swaying with circulatory movements ... but it felt sweet and full of energy! I felt serene and peace. When the session finished, I went very quietly on a terrace with a panorama of the ocean and all beautifully while the eagles were flying. I said "Mother Earth; thanks, you are wonderful!" and then a dolphin jumped out of the water! It was a wonderful show! From that moment on, every person I met said to me "how beautiful you are now, happy and smiling," so my energy was also seen from the other people and it is contagious!!!!
i hope everyone could meet you!
best wishes and thank's
in AMMA love pace and light

I requested a year of Radiance Healing for our son Alexander. Alex had an autoimmune disease called Transverse Myelitis that attacked his spinal cord at the brain stem and left him paralyzed in the right arm, right diaphragm and swallow function. Alex was 1 year post illness when we learned of and requested radiance healing. At that time, he was unable to eat by mouth and consequently was underweight and had low energy. In addition, his paralyzed diaphragm left him struggling for breath, tired and weak. During the year of healing, Alex’s strength, endurance, attitude and disposition increased exponentially. His ability to swallow and eat normal foods returned within 6 months. Also, a recent nerve study showed nerve activity in his paralyzed arm indicating a possible return of the use of his arm. We are beyond thrilled and excited for Alex’s physical improvements but also note that his enthusiasm and excitement for life has grown beyond measure. He exudes pure happiness and health despite his limitations. We will continue with the healing and we will remain forever grateful for finding Radiance Healing!!!!


I could feel the energy more and the pain go away. I have no more pain in my back.
Thank you,

I feel very light and deeply rested, which I haven't for a long long time!
Thanks so much. Namaste.

An unexpected experience; a powerful and peaceful energy flow that feels integrating and healing.
Thank you,

I experienced such subtle movements that it is difficult to put the experience in words. I feel very relaxed and calm. I felt a most delicate 'energy' enter my being. I felt movements of tightness and discomfort around my heart and left kidney then release and warmth. I felt this delicate 'energy' come to me in waves. It was pleasant and peaceful.


Radiance Healing helped me a lot to get more relaxed and get more happy!

Thank you for this most peaceful Radiance Healing session. Being here with Amma also is so healing and peaceful. The energy of the Radiance Healing feels so pure.
Thank you,

Namah Sivaya,
My experience was incredible. When Pujitha said to visualize ourselves as a child. I visualized myself as a very young child who is so happy and innocent playing with mother. Suddenly I felt that I don't have the same innocence in me now. I don't know where I lost it, which made me cry. I wanted it back immediately. I Felt flares of light in front of me.
Thank you,

Experienced bright light beginning in my head which spread throughout my body, energizing, healing colors that penetrated areas of my body. I felt  I was lifted upward towards a source of light.
Thank you.

I feel very peaceful after receiving Radiance Healing. It feels like sleeping in the clouds. It surely calms the spirit. I did the 6 months healing once and I think it helped me a lot. It is keeping my life stable athome and at work. 
Thank you very much,

I felt overwhelming joy – a tingling sensation in my fingertips and at the tip of my tongue. I got chills at one point and felt slight pain in places I've been feeling tight but only for a moment and then no pain at all.
Thank you,
A. B.

Om Namah Sivaya,
This is my second Radiance Healing. I feel very peaceful. After my first session in Chicago last summer I had a very profound healing experience a few hours later. I felt that I was releasing so much emotional tension, yet it was such a gentle experience. I was sitting near Amma and I felt very grateful that Amma has honored and blessed this technique to further help us to heal.
With thanks,

My experience of Pujitha's Radiance Healing sessions is being surrounded and permeated by the kindest, sweetest, softest, gentlest, loving energy. To me it feels like the energy of Quan Yin, a particular spectrum of the Divine Mother's manifestation – a facet of Jagambe, of Amma. I feel the energy penetrating my cells, my subtle bodies – infusing my field with deep transformational healing. My mind, body and soul feel soothed, received, nurtured, healed. No words can express my gratitude for this loving gift.
Om Amriteshwaryai Namah.


The experience of Radiance Healing with Pujitha is always extraordinary – a beautiful calm and peace comes in. And through the years the spiritual practice does grow and blossom.
Thank you Pujitha for your beautiful radiance!

Beautiful experience – letting go and feeling one with space and time. I was swimming in a beautiful, green ocean feeling free and loved. Thank you Pujitha. I will always remember you!
Much Love,

I felt an energy flow from underneath my body, in my stomach, in between my legs. And I am now feeling certain stomach blotting like I have to release something immediately. Thank you Pujitha for this amazing experience.

I feel more aware of my body and how my emotions are affecting my body.

I don't usually go out so easy and I feel asleep right away and went into deep relaxation. I woke up to feeling tingling in my stomach area and felt a lot of releases and gentle love. So Grateful.
Much Love,

I ask to release the restriction or tightness in the left side of my body. Then I felt a twinge in my lower right side. I know that often when we feel something on one side it comes from the other side – so I presume there was some kind of a releasing beginning. Also an old type of personality trait signaled it is no longer necessary and then there was a low energetic buzzing, I get that when my energy is flowing. I suspect more good things will be coming. And also felt energy around my heart.
Thank you,


I have been suffering from acute arthritis for years and my right foot had long lost all feeling in its toes and was in acute pain at the time of the healing session. As soon as Pujitha started working on me I saw bright lights of blue, green purple, white and gold streaming through my third eye chacra. I lost all feeling of time and place, just felt great inner peace and well being. After the session was over and I stood up I felt my right foot actually remembering its toes. I walked carefully actually being able to use my toes for the first time after so many years. The pain subsided and was gone after two days. I also now sleep well and deep and experience a sense of wholeness and being loved I had not experienced since childhood. I am now 71! Thank you so much dearest Ammachi and Pujitha for your divine blessings.

I signed up 2 members of my family for distance radiance healing. I noticed that after 6 months they were both flourishing in a much better way. So I signed up my whole family for distance radiance healing.

Om Namah Sivaya Pujitha,
An abundance of Amma's Grace! Amazing, splendid, a most magnificent gift. The energy and healing you have showered on me the last year has made all the difference in my life and health.
A heart of love and gratitude,
Sri L

Radiance Healing was a positive healing experience. I could feel the vibration moving to areas of my body that were in distress. I felt peaceful and balanced afterward.

Radiance Healing is like floating on a cloud.
I signed up for 6 months of distance healing last year, and although the effects are subtle, they are profound. I highly recommend signing up loved ones also, as my mother was also able to benefit from the distance healing and its all tax deductible.
Thank you,

The Radiance Healing as experienced through Pujitha is a very gentle, loving energy similar to that of Devananda!
Thank you for bringing Radiance Healing back to the world!


I saw an intense violet/ indigo pulsating centre with white light and surrounded by emerald green. Also I had 2 strong spasms where my body jerked suddenly.

I am full of gratitude for this amazing experience. Thank you with all of my heart. I know that everything will be better in every way.
With Love and a Smile,

Radiance Healing was a wonderful experience from the moment I walked into the room during the session I felt peaceful and calm. This feeling was unknown to me for a long time.
Thank you Pujitha. Namah Sivaya

I have experienced Radiance Healing twice in person and 6 months long distance. Its a calming and peaceful half hour like nothing I have experienced before. I was sick and over 6 months improved dramatically.
Thanks Pujitha! Om Namah Sivaya.

By Receivng Long Distance Radiance Healing:

There is a long ancestral history of alcoholism in my family. My daughter unfortunately inherited a tendency toward addiction and became enmeshed in the desire for “fire water”. Her youth was consumed with partying, binging and all the legal consequences such as DUI, court fees and appearances, community service, classes, and penalties. The biggest penalty was the toll it took on her mental, physical and emotional health. Its interference with spiritual advancement was also noticeable. After 5 months of long distance radiance energy, she was able to find inner strength (sankalpa) to take the necessary steps to stop alcohol intake once and for all. Now 12 months later she is still clean and sober, though still struggles with desire. She will continue another one or two years of this healing in order to achieve non- attachment and reaction to the drug. May the blessings be!!
Mother of L

After one year of Radiance Healing I am calmer and more centered. I was a “race horse” caught up in a whirlwind of energy, trying to achieve too much at the expense of meditation and awareness. All of this is changing, slowly, strongly, and surely.
Om Namah Sivaya.

I love, love, love this experience! The energy is gentle, yet deep. I experience moving to different parts of my body – my heart, head, belly. I have been receiving the Distant Healing for 4 years, starting with Devananda in June 2006. What a blessing I feel more peace, more clarity, more grace.
Thank you!
Sri K


Dear Radiance Healing,

OM Amriteswariyai Namah. I'd like to say thank you very much to Pujitha and Amma for such a beautiful energy. I really enjoy the energy every time. I believe that the energy is really pure, and it's in perfect harmony with Amma's love. Thank you very much for all your help.

At the lotus feet of Amma, with respect,

Dear Radiance Healing,

Yes, I am indeed receiving the benefits of radiance healing. Gently my life is changing — there is more and more happiness, peacefulness, and steadiness — I am enormously grateful. Please tell Pujitha of my gratitude.

Thank you,

Dear Radiance Healing,

I enrolled my husband last summer, and did tell him, although I do not think he understands the power of the healing. He has gotten well from 15 years of "chronic fatigue" and is sleeping at night.  He used to be unable to sleep due to body pain and his mind being too busy.  Now he sleeps through the night.  He is no longer tired all the time and has much more energy and feels great!

Thank you,

Dear Radiance Healing,

I was visiting with my niece, A.S. who has been receiving the Radiance Healings since July or August, 2006. She is 3 1/2 years old, and had been experiencing a lot of speech delays and possible hearing problems, so much so that she has been put into special education pre-school classes. Already, her teachers/therapists are all amazed at the progress A.S. has made in her speech. She had very little speech back in August. Now she is happily chattering away, clearly, and in long sentences.

Her teachers think she may not need special education anymore, though she may still have some tendencies exhibited by autistic children. She also seems to be unusually sensitive and tuned into the emotions of others. My sister noted that the day she received her first radiance healing treatment A.S. was unusually happy and joyful.

Thank you for your part in A's healing.

With gratitude,

Dear Radiance Healing Staff and Devananda,

I have not had a migraine headache since August 2006. This may not sound like much, but it is. The migraines started in my teens (way back in the '70), but got increasingly worse and more frequent since 2002 and were coming three to four times a week.

I had been through five different types of medicines to prevent the migraines, they didn't work or worse affected me negatively. I had seen one physician, two neurologists and two chiropractors - no relief. I was in sad shape and was even thinking of going on disability.

Over the first month the healing came gradually. I went off the daily medicine, the headaches became less and less frequent, and now were treatable with Advil instead of the prescription drug (how wonderful!). Then one day I noticed that a week had gone by, then two, then a month! The migraines had stopped!

Many many thanks to Devananda and to all the Radiance Healing Staff.

Dear Radiance Healing,

In 2002 I was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition affecting my esophagus. I had to have annual tests to monitor the condition. The chances of it being serious were minimized by early detection, however, I was not relishing the thought of possibly needing surgery.

In 2005 I was at Amritapuri and heard of Devananda's work. Initially I was not very interested but, as I began hearing people's stories, I decided to sign up. I was lucky to be able to have 4 personal healing sessions while at the ashram. The energy in the room was palpable and I experienced intense pain in my chest during the personal and distance sessions. In fact, at some points during the personal sessions I felt I might pass out from the intensity of the energy!

On my return to Australia I had a routine biopsy. All signs of abnormality had disappeared, an unusual outcome I was informed by my obviously puzzled doctor. I was not at all puzzled. I was euphoric for weeks!

Thank you,

Dear Radiance Healing Staff,

I had suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps for 3 years. Every month I would be out of commission for five days. Three days suffering with cramps and an extra two days to withdraw from the drugs that my doctor was prescribing me to help ease the pain. I had tried everything homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Bach flower remedies, vitamins, Rolfing, different types of diets, different types of exercise, hypnosis, medical intuitives, and even therapy to see if there was some deep hidden psychological issue that was causing the pain, as a final attempt at relief I underwent surgery. Nothing worked.

Since I began Radiance Healing I have had four menstrual cycles without taking drugs and without quitting any of my regular activities!!!!! This is truly miraculous!!!! To be honest, after trying everything I could think of and not seeing any improvement I had accepted the fact that every month I was just going to miss five days of my life due to this condition. But thanks to Radiance Healing, that condition is just not apart of my life anymore. I have so much gratitude and awe for the healing that I have experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Radiance Healing,

I am a 36-year old woman and I was severely disabled for nine years with Chronic Central Pain Syndrome, Transverse Myelitis (lesion in neck cord), Chronic Daily Migraines, Severe Fibromyalgia, Severe Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Endometriosis. This caused me to have a constant migraine headache and severe neck pain. It also caused my body to have widespread neuropathic, arthritic pain, severe muscle spasms/rigidity, severe weakness/fatigue and severe menstrual cramps. The pain would get so bad that I would go into a semi-coma like state with no motor function or response to stimuli.

I lived my life in a dark room with ice, injections, a TENS unit (electrical stimulation) and numerous medications; which had very little success. I always wore sunglasses, hat, earplugs and sometimes a cane and neck brace. I felt 90 years old and lost my career as a classical Indian dancer, my marriage, social/family life, traditional spiritual practices and future prospects to this incurable illness. I desperately sought help from over 70 practitioners including highly specialized doctors, alternative medicine and healers.

No one could help me until I met Devananda and Pujita in Amritapuri, India. I have been receiving healings for the past two years. My life has revolved around these sessions and the results have been miraculous! I’ve gone 29 days without a migraine and often go down to zero pain now. The other pains are so reduced I was able to be a tourist in 3 countries. I only take one daily medicine now (compared to 13 one year ago). I have also had a healing with emotional trauma. Best of all, I have been able to return to my spiritual practices. I am 85% better and am fully confident that I can be 100% better soon.

Devananda and Pujita and I am eternally grateful. I recommend Radiance Healing with all my heart!

Dear Radiance Healing,

I started healing sessions in October 2006 and have noticed a profound healing of my intestinal tract after a long-standing bacterial infection. My brain function is improving daily and now I have beaten my husband at Scrabble four times in a row, after never winning with him! Truly a miracle.

In deepest appreciation,

Dear Devananda and Staff,

I am a very healthy 55 year old woman who had one very painful condition... arthritis in my thumbs, hands and feet. Over the years the pain has been mostly background pain, a pain that was annoying more than debilitating. I have noticed in recent years the pain increased gradually until it was impossible to ignore and at times it was so painful my hands & feet were weakened because of it.

I would drop things and not be able to do a simple task like opening the door, or hold a glass to drink without difficulty. My feet were so painful when I woke in the morning I had to massage them and use a footsy roller in order to walk. The winter seemed particularly bad as cold & damp weather made things worse. My thumbs began to freeze in a forward, contracted permanent position. I dreaded standing up out of bed in the morning as my feet hurt so much. Summers were a bit better with warmer weather but even then I noticed an increase in pain from previous years.

Since I began the healings in July of 2006 I have great news to report, my thumbs have returned to their normal position, the swelling of the arthritis is gone and the pain in my hands is so slight I am not sure I would even call it pain... more of a light stiffness. And all this in the dead of the New England winter when I last year I was in agony. And my feet are completely pain free without a trace of stiffness.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift... it truly is a miracle in my life. I feel a very deep gratitude for your help.



I signed up my father, who is 84 and has lewy body dementia. He does not know he's receiving Radiance Healing. My Mom had died recently and he was lost. His dementia causes him hallucinations as well as leg-shaking symptoms like parkinson's disease. He had a hard time telling his hallucinations from reality and constantly was hearing my Mom and imagining that she was leaving him for another man. He got so frustrated with all this that he cried to me one day and said "I just want to die with some dignity."

I explained this to Devananda and he said that although Radiance Healing may not extend my Dad's life, it would help him to detach from my Mom. At first, Dad seemed worse. I placed him into a special facility for Alzheimer's patients. He started to get better there, but he stayed pretty confused for a long time. Then one day he told me that in the early morning he felt this peace come over him that he'd never experienced before.

After that, he started to greatly improve. My sister visited him two weeks ago, expecting that would be the last time she'd see him. Not only was he feeling good, but we were able to take him places and out to dinner and he seemed more like himself. He asked my sister and I to get him out of that place he was in, so we found him another assisted living facility that’s close to where I live. Although he tires pretty easily, is still confused sometimes, hallucinates a little, and still has the shakes, he is the closest he's been to being healthy since my Mom died. In fact, he has actually mentioned her in a regular sense... like "since your Mom has died...."

Thank you Devananda and Staff!!!! Thank you Amma! I am so happy that he has some quality of life again. It really is a great gift and I very much appreciate it.

Thank you again,




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