Radiance Healing Instructions

The Energy Works Without Any Effort

You do not need to do or feel anything to receive Radiance Healing. It's best to simply relax, knowing that Pujitha is sending the energy, and you are receiving it effortlessly, on a level beyond thought. Many people find that, after receiving Radiance Healing for some time, they experience a relaxing and calming effect in all aspects of their lives. By continually receiving the energy, one can become more and more established in this state of deep peace.

Optional "Healing Image" Exercise

Pujitha recommends an optional “Healing Image” exercise that can be done once a day, or whenever it is convenient. You can do this exercise just before falling asleep, just after waking up, or any time wish. Simply give thanks for the energy and everything else in your life, and see yourself in excellent, vibrant health, filled with joy. This visualization can be very short, a minute or less is fine, and it is sure to have a very positive effect.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

The Radiance Healing energy is pure and harmless. It does however sometimes "push out" the negative energy stored in our body. This can sometimes cause your symptoms to become worse before they become better. If this happens, don’t worry. It is a sign that you are receptive to the energy and have begun the healing process.

Does Radiance Healing Conflict with Other Treatments?

Devananda and Pujitha have consulted with doctors and medical experts for many years, and they recognize the importance of mainstream medical treatments, especially in urgent cases. Pujitha has no problem with patients using these treatments when they make sense. People can receive Radiance Healing in conjunction with any other alternative or mainstream medical treatments they feel are beneficial or necessary, and there will be no conflict.

When conditions require surgery and/or related treatments, Pujitha reminds us that the energy gives people tremendous support for dealing with the negative side effects of these treatments. Additionally, most patients experience a more rapid, less complicated recovery from these negative side effects.



If your symptoms become serious or acute, you should consult your doctor immediately. This is never due to the healing energy and it should be seen as purely coincidental. Radiance Healing is not a substitute for critical or emergency medical care.

Neither Pujitha nor the staff can give any medical advice regarding prescription medications or any other medical treatments. Please consult your doctor about these matters.



Learn more about Direct Healing and Radiance Healing from a Distance (PDF 3.6mb)


Pujitha in a group healing session.