Of thousands of photos taken over many years, a few have captured the Radiance Energy, which manifests in the physical world as white light. Devananda and Pujitha do not know why some photos capture the energy and others do not, but since they can "read" the vibration of any photo, they assure us these do show the actual Radiance Healing energy.

Photos taken in 2009-2010:

Above: A rare photo of the Radiance Healing energy, seen as white light,
taken during a healing session in Seattle, Washington, USA


Below: Pujitha giving Radiance Healing sessions






Photos taken before Devananda's passing in 2007:

Taken just after a Radiance Healing session, this young girl (held by her mother)
is radiating light from the area around her heart. She was born with a
hole in her heart, which healed without the need for surgery.


Note the thin stream of light coming
from Devananda's fingertips.

There is a ball of light cutting through
the flames during this fire ceremony.


Here the light is seen as a large double-helix
spiral (the shape of a DNA molecule).
Devananda says this shape represents
the highest form of energy in the universe.

During a fire ceremony, the light is
again seen as a double-helix.