Welcome to Radiance Healing with Pujitha

Pujitha and her late husband, Devananda
in Amritapuri, India

The late Devananda, together with his wife Pujitha, after long service as spiritual practitioners and priests in the Tibetan Buddhist (Mikkyo Shugendo Buddhist) tradition, spontaneously received a gift of healing energy.

From 1992 to 2007, Devananda and Pujitha worked with this energy together to benefit thousands of people with every kind of health problem, including many “incurable” conditions. One year after Devananda's passing in 2007, Pujitha received Amma’s blessing to carry on this healing tradition.

Radiance Healing is not part of any previously existing healing system or discipline. It does not conflict with any other healing systems including western medicine, ayurveda, acupuncture, etc.

Pujitha has said the universe is permeated with a radiant white light that is the highest vibration of energy in existence. This healing energy is all around us, but most of us have forgotten how to "tune in" on our own.

Pujitha's gift is her ability to re-connect us to this universal healing energy, profoundly healing and uplifting our body, mind and spirit. The longer we receive this energy, the healthier and more radiant we become.

Pujitha makes this energy connection for each of us, wherever we are in the world, five days per week on average, since she rests Fridays, travel days, and certain holidays.

What is Radiance Healing?

Radiance Healing is very unique because it flows into the mind, body and soul on a fundamental level, providing positive effects in all these areas. This energy pours divine light to your soul and gradually dissolves accumulated negative qualities in you. It can also help to arouse peace and love shining through within. Radiance Healing is the divine loving energy healing that has started again by Amma’s blessing.

Receiving Radiance Healing

Over the course of receiving the energy for one year, the energy permeates into one’s system profoundly on the body, mind and soul levels. There is no need to feel the energy. One will be able to receive this healing wherever and whenever he or she is without changing his or her daily activities, during work, drive or sleep. This healing is also recommended for people who are too busy to have their own time and space, people who are hospitalized, students, children and infants.

Beneficial Effects

The effectiveness of Radiance Healing on individuals varies due to one’s clinical history and the level of symptoms. It may take longer to recover from long-standing symptoms, however, it is important to continue receiving the radiance healing energy over time with patience. It is also essential to reevaluate one’s lifestyle and make some changes if it is necessary.

Radiance Healing can be used in conjunction with any other alternative or medical treatments. Receiving this healing with family members can help decrease discrepancies and create a more harmonious family environment.

Healing Effects

Fatigue & Stress Reduction; Improvement of Migraine, Shoulder & Back Pains, Anxiety, Irritability, and High Blood Pressure; Relief from Climacteric Distress; Recovery from Pre & Post Delivery; Recovery from Surgery; Over All Health Improvement & Health Maintenance; Disease Prevention; Relief Allergic Rhinitis & Other Allergic Symptoms; Improving Various Chronic Symptoms; Boost Vitality & Spirit of People with Chronic Fatigue; Raising the Spiritual Conscious Mind.

Who is Pujitha?

Pujitha was born in Oita Prefecture, Japan. Together with Devananda, she served as Deputy Chief Priest at their Mikkyo Shugendo Buddist temple in Oita for 25 years. She first met Amma, with Devananda, in 1996 and became her ardent devotee from that day on. Learn more about Pujitha.

Who is Amma?

Mata Amritanandamayi (also known as "Amma" or Mother) is an important humanitarian and holy woman from Kerala, India. She recently pledged $23 million for tsunami relief in Asia, and $1 million in aid to victims of hurricane Katrina in the United States. Her charities benefit thousands of poor and needy throughout the world. Learn more about Amma.

Is There a Donation Requested For Radiance Healing?

Yes, but Pujitha receives no income from this healing work. All donations go to Mata Amritanandamayi's (Amma's) worldwide charitable activities (and to cover some minor expenses associated with the healings).

Participating in Amma’s Worldwide Charitable Activities

All the proceeds go to Amma’s charities to support people in need all over the world. For example, with $30, you are supporting a child in India to receive education for 6 months. You are also helping orphans who need education and people who need medical care all over the world.

Amma’s charitable organizations utilize your donations to help the people and places most in need. By demonstrating a deep spiritual sense that is combined with a magnificent and practical perspective, Amma’s recognition is increasing among the global community. She has been invited to conferences on religion, environment and world peace by a variety of international organizations.

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Learn more about Direct Healing and Radiance Healing from a Distance (PDF 3.6mb)